Get a job online for free at Nigerian Top Classified Website

The online job search platform is a rapidly developing Nigerian classifieds, specializing on selling diverse items and providing services in different spheres. Here you can buy anything you need – from a purse or a belt to a new car or house.

All it takes is just to open the website on your computer/laptop or to start a specially developed app for your Smartphone or iPhone. Hundreds thousands of adverts posted by people from all over the country are waiting for you here. In case you have something to offer, post your advert, too.

Lately, the website keeps trying to make the scale of its activity even larger. So nowadays you can use it to find a job of your dream. Maybe, it is waiting for you right there. It is not hard to guess where you should look for it: there is Jobs Jiji category, specially devoted for this purpose.

As any other list of offers on the website, this one is pretty impressive as well. Even if you are not sure what you are going to do in the future, you’ll get some more specific categories to choose from. There are some filters indicating professions. After you open a list of jobs with salary indicated, click on those you like the most. The next page will provide you with detailed information, including future duties and contacts that can be used to reply to an ad.

All the job offers are posted by real people, and their contacts are verified. Don’t be afraid to ask for additional information or call/e-mail a person. This job may become your favorite one.

For more visit:

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Twitter to extend the 140 character limit on DM this July

twitter-dm-limitThe social media giant seem to be introducing new features lately. Few months back, they introduced a new feature who allows you see how many people viewed your tweet. Apparently, that helps you in tracking which of your tweets perform better and got viewed by more people alongside number of shares.

Twitter says it will extend the character limit on Direct Messages (DM) to more than 140 characters on July 15, 2015. This was announced via the twitter community developers page. It’s not yet clear how many characters it will be extended to but let’s just keep our fingers crossed.

Please note, this change will only affect DMs on Twitter while tweets still remains at 140 characters. We are hoping something better comes in that regards too.

Twitter is really getting to implement the fact that we need more than 140 words to express a little of our mind and that sounds pretty cool and encouraging.

Following this development, developers are urged to update their apps with the new APIs, Update their GET requests so they will be able to receive the full length of DM text and also adjust their app UI to accommodate longer DM text so that the new feature can work as expected on every platform.

Easily download Facebook videos on your PC, Laptop or Mobile Phone

how-to-download-facebook-videosFacebook is still undeniably the most engaged social network in this present era. Considering the fact that thousands of people sign up for an account on fb daily, people tend to use the social network as a fast means to share Information, pictures, videos, music and more.

If using a computer, there are some extensions you could use in downloading videos directly on Facebook. Some software programs like IDM even work for this but then, since am not the type who enjoys installing different programs on my laptop for some simple task, I’d rather choose the manual and easiest method to downloading a video uploaded on Facebook since the process is possible.

Steps To Downloading Facebook Videos Using Computer Via Mobile version

Let’s use a computer here. Hence, access the Facebook video using a computer

When you are on the fb video you’ve like to download, instead of clicking directly on the video, right click on it and Click on ‘Open link in new tab‘.

As directed, the link will be opened in a new tab. Navigate to the address bar and change the www to m. For example, change to

Changing the www to m will allow the page to display the mobile version of Facebook for that page. Now right click on the video thumbnail and click on ‘save link as…‘

Depending on your browser settings, You should probably get a prompt to download the video to a folder or the download commences automatically. Choose to download and you have successfully downloaded the Facebook video.

3 Most Commonly Asked Twitter Questions in Nigeria

imageSome Nigerians still have no clue of what Twitter is all about, asking questions like, “What is Twitter?”

But for those who have a basic understanding of Twitter and are trying to utilize their Twitter account to its fullest potential, these are the three most common questions I’m asked.

1. Who should I follow on Twitter?

That is an important question. We often focus so much on growing our own followers that we don’t think about who we should be following. I break this down into three categories:

* Follow people you enjoy interacting with. As an individual, this might be your friends and family. As a brand or business this might be some of your best clients, industry leaders or networking partners.

* People you want to follow you. This can be targeted followers, prospective clients or anyone that you want to form a relationship with. Over 25% of the people you follow will follow you back, and if you are targeted in who you follow, you can get that to be over 50%. If you want someone to follow you, follow them first and send a tweet to interact with them.  Note though that following people to get them to follow you is not a strategy you can apply in bulk. I suggest following no more than 50 people in a given day, and always make sure there are more people following you than people you are following.

* People that provide value to you. For an individual, this can be a wide range of news accounts, humorous accounts, or anything that interests you. For a businesses, this can be accounts that tweet industry information, news about your local community, or your competitors accounts so that you can see what content they are broadcasting.

* These are all the accounts that may add some fun or education to your day, but that you may not actually engage with outside of occasionally retweeting their content.  For most people that follow me, they’d put me in this third category. They follow me for my tweets about social media. I would say roughly half of my followers are people I follow who fit into this category because of their content value, but not necessarily people I engage with or seek to build a relationship with.

2. What Should I Tweet About?

You are what you Tweet. What you tweet sets the tone for who you are, whether you’re an individual or a brand.  People will often follow you and engage with you based off of your content.  I basically suggest the 80/20 rule with 20-25% of your content being about yourself, and 75-80% being about others.

Here is a rough guide of what I would suggest tweeting about:

* 20-25% of your Tweets should be about yourself or your brand. These can be self-promoting. If you’re a brand or company, don’t be afraid to sell a little. Share your blog. Share links to your website. Talk about your specials or company news. The rest of your content will be about other things or people, this is your 20-25% to talk about yourself.

* 20-25% should be about your industry. This is your chance to do two things: Present yourself as an authority in your field of expertise.  And second, attract a targeted and engaging audience by tweeting about your industry.

* 20-30% should be retweeting and replying to other tweets. The reality is that most the relationships and engaging that happens via Twitter will have to be initiated by you. Reply to tweets. Retweet tweets. This is how relationships start to form.

* 20-25% Tweet about what you and your target audience are interested in. This can be similar to section two, tweeting about your industry. But try to add some humor, local news, and fun.  You only have so many people who are interested or looking for tweets about your field of expertise. When you open up to tweeting about more subjects, you open up to a larger potential audience.

3. How Often Should I Tweet:

Whether you are an individual or a business, you need to be tweeting 5+ times per day, and I suggest 15 per day.  As a Social Media Marketer, I see no exceptions to this. You simply can’t get out of Twitter when you want to unless you Tweet a minimum of 5 tweets per day.

There are only two objections I typically get to people fighting back on the 5+ tweets per day suggestion.

* One, is from people who tell me they fear that their audience will unfollow or tune them out if they tweet too often.  The stats just don’t show this to be a valid concern. This is not Facebook.  If you happen to lose a follower or two because you are tweeting 5+ times per day, I assure you that you’ll gain way more than you lose, and the one or two you might lose will not be followers that add value anyway.

* The other objection is that people do not think they can come up with 5 things to tweet every day.  This is a valid concern. You don’t want to tweet bad content just for the sake of getting content out. You also don’t want to tweet the same content on too frequent of a basis.

This is where you will want to look for tools to help you create content, like utilizing Google Alerts, or signing up for a content aggregator like Bundle Post. If you’re a business, and you don’t have someone dedicated to taking time each day to create 5+ tweets per day, it is time to consider bringing on a third-party to help.
What questions do you have about Twitter? What confuses you? What is your business struggling with on Twitter?

Leave a comment with your questions and we will do our best to help.


How to Use #Hashtags to Grow Your Business on Twitter

twitter_harshtagsHashtags make your tweets more searchable within Twitter, which leads to more followers.  However, using hashtags and learning how to use them effectively is important for building your business, growing your targeted followers, and increasing the reach and lifespan of your tweets.

* Using Hashtags makes your tweets more searchable online, which leads to new followers.

It grab the attention of your followers, which leads to more engagement. They are are vital to growing your Twitter audience. People search for various topics using hashtags, and if you have value to add to that topic, your usage of hashtags will attract new followers.

* Using hashtags grabs the attention of your followers.

Using hashtags is vital to making sure your followers see your tweets.  When people log into Twitter, or whatever app they use for Twitter, they will have hundreds or thousands of tweets to scroll through. A follower only has a fraction of a second to decide whether to pause and read your tweet, or to continue scrolling through their Twitter feed. Using a hashtag can ensure your tweet will grab their attention and lead to more followers reading your tweets; more followers reading your tweets will lead to more engagement, and engagement is a key to success on twitter.

Most people have these three questions about Twitter hashtags:

1. How many hashtags should I use, and how often should I use hashtags?

The first thing I want to stress is to not go buck wild with your hashtag usage. Twitter is not Instagram. Using more than three hashtags will have diminishing returns.   Never use more than three hashtags. Not every tweet needs a hashtag, but I would encourage you to try and use between one and three hashtags with most of your tweets.

2. What should I hashtag?

This is where most people go wrong.  Don’t think about which words within your tweet stand out to you or are most important to you. Instead, think about your target audience.  What words might they search for? Hashtag those words.  What words might grab your targeted followers attention? Hashtag those words. I also encourage you to research what words are most searched within your industry and hashtag those words several times per day.  Occasionally, it is okay to hashtag something just to add humor.

3. Where, within a tweet, should I put a hashtag?

There are two ways to implement tweets into a tweet. One way is to hashtag words that are within your content. The second way is to add hashtags at the end of a tweet. It is acceptable and effective to do either, or to do both.

Nigeria: How to check your voting status and Permanent Voters Card #PVC Pickup Locations


How to find out if you are eligible to vote in 2015 elections. INEC has decentralized PVC pickups. Now you can pickup your PVC at your ward. Use the form below to find where you can pickup your PVC. Pickups for Ekiti & Osun state remain at their respective LGAs. To check the location of your Local Government Secretariat where you can pick up your Permanent Voters Card, click here.

Check your status

Before you go to your local polling unit to get your Permanent Voters Card know your status. This will give you information on the right steps to take to ensure you are included in the 2015 electoral process.


Send an SMS to 08171646879 in this format – INEC, Name of State, Surname, last five digits of your Voters Identification Number on the Temporary Voters Card, e.g. “INEC, Ogun, Kayode, 06782”. You should receive a response within 15 minutes.


Send an SMS to 08171646879 in this format – Name of State, Surname, last five digits of your Voters Identification Number on the Temporary Voters Card, e.g. “Ogun, Kayode, 06782”. You should receive a response within 15 minutes.

Voters Identification Number can be found on the top hand right hand of the Temporary Voters Card

If your status is OKAY go and pick up your Permanent Voters Card at your Local Government Secretariat before January 31st, 2015

To check the location of your Local Government Secretariat where you can pick up your Permanent Voters Card, click here.


Find out your status of your registration at

If your status is OKAY go and pick up your Permanent Voters Card at your Local Government Secretariat before January 31st, 2015

To check the location of your Local Government Secretariat where you can pick up your Permanent Voters Card, click here.

If your Temporary Voters Card is lost or damaged, take a photo ID and a passport photograph to the same polling unit where you registered/voted in 2011. Your Permanent Voters Card should be printed and ready for pick up.

Lost/Damaged Voter Card

How you can still pickup your permanent voters card.

If your Permanent Voters Card is not printed this means you are not registered.

Go to to see the dates for registration (CVR) in your state and the location of your local Polling Unit where you can register and pick up your Permanent Voters Card.

To find the location of your Local Polling Unit where you can pick up your Permanent Voters Card click here


Moved Locations

How to transfer your registration

Have you moved locations since the 2011 election? Here’s how you can transfer your existing registration to your current area.

Before doing anything do not forget to check your status. This will give you the most accurate information on your voting status and save you time at your local INEC office or polling unit.

  1. Write a letter to INEC’s Resident Electoral Commissioner of the State where you currently reside.
  2. Attach your voter’s card to the letter
  3. Take the letter to the INEC office in your current Local Government Area
  4. This needs to happen no later than 30 days before the date of an election in your constituency
  5. Your application will be transferred to the Resident Electoral Commissioner, who will direct the Electoral Officer of the applicants Local Government Area who will action your query.
  6. The Electoral Officer will assign you to a polling unit in your constituency and issue you with a new voters card.

Do you have any question? 0709-811-7563