How to Use #Hashtags to Grow Your Business on Twitter

twitter_harshtagsHashtags make your tweets more searchable within Twitter, which leads to more followers.  However, using hashtags and learning how to use them effectively is important for building your business, growing your targeted followers, and increasing the reach and lifespan of your tweets.

* Using Hashtags makes your tweets more searchable online, which leads to new followers.

It grab the attention of your followers, which leads to more engagement. They are are vital to growing your Twitter audience. People search for various topics using hashtags, and if you have value to add to that topic, your usage of hashtags will attract new followers.

* Using hashtags grabs the attention of your followers.

Using hashtags is vital to making sure your followers see your tweets.  When people log into Twitter, or whatever app they use for Twitter, they will have hundreds or thousands of tweets to scroll through. A follower only has a fraction of a second to decide whether to pause and read your tweet, or to continue scrolling through their Twitter feed. Using a hashtag can ensure your tweet will grab their attention and lead to more followers reading your tweets; more followers reading your tweets will lead to more engagement, and engagement is a key to success on twitter.

Most people have these three questions about Twitter hashtags:

1. How many hashtags should I use, and how often should I use hashtags?

The first thing I want to stress is to not go buck wild with your hashtag usage. Twitter is not Instagram. Using more than three hashtags will have diminishing returns.   Never use more than three hashtags. Not every tweet needs a hashtag, but I would encourage you to try and use between one and three hashtags with most of your tweets.

2. What should I hashtag?

This is where most people go wrong.  Don’t think about which words within your tweet stand out to you or are most important to you. Instead, think about your target audience.  What words might they search for? Hashtag those words.  What words might grab your targeted followers attention? Hashtag those words. I also encourage you to research what words are most searched within your industry and hashtag those words several times per day.  Occasionally, it is okay to hashtag something just to add humor.

3. Where, within a tweet, should I put a hashtag?

There are two ways to implement tweets into a tweet. One way is to hashtag words that are within your content. The second way is to add hashtags at the end of a tweet. It is acceptable and effective to do either, or to do both.