You can be pretty sure that some or all of your customers will be using Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram and other places to listen, learn, and communicate with friends,
family, and the world. They would probably like to talk to your brand, too.

Managing social media is a full-time job. We know this. We can manage everything for you, if you want. Or we can provide the consultancy, tools, and strategy to help your team. Either way, we make sure social media is an integral part of your marketing strategy and delivers results.

We offer consulting, training and fully managed social media services for organizations. Want help with specific social media platforms? We leverage the power of LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, blogging and more to bring the right people together to help our clients achieve their business goals. We can help you identify the most effective social media channels and activities for your business, and develop plans to ensure you’re using them to engage with your fans and new customers.


LOGO: Twitter.twitter logo-1024x1002.jpgTwitter Services: Twitter can get your brand in front of new customers, drive web traffic, increase sales, and lead to new business. No matter what your business goals or industry, Twitter can have a direct positive impact on your efforts.



Facebook_ServicesFacebook Services: Facebook is the largest social networking website, and has become a powerful tool for businesses to spread the word about their services and products. Facebook is a great way to build loyalty among your customers and get them spreading the word about your services.


GooglePlus_ServicesGoogle+ Services: Google+ has taken the social media world by storm. Many businesses, however, have not yet learned the secret of this new social network. Google+ has the potential to skyrocket your company’s exposure and grow connections. Most importantly, Google+ will have a huge impact on SEO within Google search.


Linkedin_ServicesLinkedin Services: We know how to help you leverage the power of LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the largest professional networking website, and it is also the most affluent social media. It is the ideal tool for reaching prospects in the Business world, finding a job, obtaining venture capital, forming business partnerships and growing your business.



YouTube, the largest video sharing website in the world, is an incredible tool for showcasing your products, sharing powerful testimonials, and growing your business. A YouTube channel can be effective by itself or when integrated with your website. At Social Media Delivered, we are eager to help you create a powerful YouTube presence ranging from basic setup of your video channel to full-scale video production including professional hair and makeup services, props, scripts and more. Isn’t it time for the world to see you?