In this age of digital presence and digital marketing, digital public relations or digital PR was never far behind. In simple terms Digital PR is the tactics used by brands to increase and improve their online presence and build relationships with online journalists as well as content writers in order to gain press hits, high quality backlinks and even citations.

When digital PR is done the right way then it goes a long way in improving the brands visibility and reach which in turn has a tremendous positive effect on search engine visibility through hard hitting onsite search engine optimisation and thus driving the right kind of traffic to the website. digital PR is known to improve and increase credibility and trust as well as conversion rates, ROI as well as brand equity.

How good your digital PR is can be determined by annotating the PR hits in Google Analytics and then by observing how mush referral traffic has been gained through the said digital PR hits. If you analyse how well the websites landing pages rank for keywords on popular search engines, then you will also know how successful your digital PR has been. A well organised digital PR strategy is bound to have positive and long-lasting effects on the performance of the brand.

Your digital PR strategy is formed from the end goals you want to achieve. Depending on who you’re trying to target, what stories you want to tell and what types of websites you’d like to be featured on, we’ll set the strategy that’s right for you. Often, our clients have multiple goals in mind for brand building and so their strategies incorporate multiple goals, whether that be to achieve coverage in national news titles, as well as local news or maybe it’s to be featured in industry specific publications and local business news.


Digital PR and SEO

Digital PR is often paired with SEO, because each can benefit the other. It focuses on creating positive, tactical and influential messages and distributing them through the channels that are most successful to build brand awareness and authority. SEO focuses on developing quality content which ranks well in the search results and is shared and mentioned across the web.

Digital PR can therefore benefit your SEO strategy by building those mentions and links around the web. This improves your domain authority and as such improves your search rankings too. Similarly, SEO benefits digital PR by uncovering the topics and themes that people are searching for, and therefore feeding into the campaign strategy and the type of content you share through the PR activity.

Ideation and Concept Analysis

A range of techniques that is used to get the creative campaign ideas flowing, after an hour or so, we can find ourselves inundated with ideas, having ensured that they all stem from the core messaging of the brand. From here it’s about assessing the viability – can we get the data? Is the idea newsworthy? Does it fit the brand voice? Once we have compared the ideas against all of our factors, we are left with a final few to go ahead with.

Campaign Strategy and Roadmap

We believe that any successful digital campaign starts with a deep understanding of your brand, your audience and what you’re trying to communicate through your digital channels. Your digital PR campaign will begin with a campaign strategy and roadmap, which we’ll work on together to ensure the goals we set along the way are consistent with your own agenda. We will formulate a strategy that incorporates your goals, ensuring that they align with your digital needs, but that its contents also has the ability to generate mass appeal and coverage.

Media Relations

With our broad range of experience, we have contacts in high authority places, including national newspapers and industry/trade publications. We also have contacts in more niche websites and publications online, meaning we have a solid base of contacts to promote your brand to where relevant from the offset. We’ll work with you to create a list of target publications and to develop and maintain relationships with the media contacts that matter to your business.


The outreach phase is the point where we promote the story / content / asset to the target media. Often, we utilise press releases to do this but we have also proven a range of techniques successful in tapping into the appropriate audiences, depending on the intent and positioning of the campaign itself. While outreach often happens in one period, we have also had campaigns that have ‘evergreen’ appeal and will therefore be outreached multiple times.