Anthonia_Orji_Social_Media Anthonia is a Digital Marketing Professional. An Industrial Mathematics graduate of FUTA. A high energy, results-driven, innovative individual with demonstrated world-class online marketing and social media skills. Accomplished in website design and development, and combines her innovative capabilities with a passion for social media marketing of small and large-scale businesses.

Through these diverse experiences she has witnessed the intersection that drives businesses and their results are uniquely conjoined to “listening to the customer” and she has developed some insights about the intersections of customer experience, brands, and technology.

She has a huge passion for everything that encompasses the social media space and is constantly in the pursuit of the latest and greatest digital campaign. She keeps busy tweeting, catching up on her social accounts, following brands on social media. When she’s not working or deep in the social sphere she likes to enjoy life with family, watching movies, hanging out with friends and being social (offline).

Her goal is to helps individuals, firms and corporate brands to achieve media exposure and good image branding, by helping to motivate, engage, inspire and educate people about the need for digital and social media competence, through her social media networks, grassroots efforts and genuine social connections.